One time my Shaykh told me something that I just can’t seem to forget.

After we finished praying he looked at me and said, "You might never see me crying during prayer, but when I hear Allah’s words being recited, it is as if my heart is going to explode and I am going to die at that very moment …"

And then he spoke briefly about the importance of memorising the Qur’an and learning Arabic so that we can truly understand the words of Allah and be moved by it.

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I absolutely love Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz, his life is filled with so many beautiful examples for us. His wife used to say that when he would go to bed at night, he would just lie there thinking about the Akhirah, and start shaking like a bird that shakes off water due to his immense fear of Allah. Subhanu’Allah!

How many more reminders do we need to understand that this worldly life is only temporary?

The majority of my personal posts are short, but have a deep meaning that most people do not seem to understand.

Many of those posts were written with tears in my eyes. But unfortunately most fail to grasp their true meaning.

All of these Islamic posts on Tumblr that you post or re-blog, know that you will be asked about each and every one of them on the Day of Judgement. What was your intention? And what did you do with these reminders and pieces of knowledge?

Muslims around the world are calling each other to demonstrations, and millions are responding to this call. Yet, when the Almighty calls us five times a day to come to His Mosques and Glorify Him, no one is there to be found.

Live a modest and normal life, without going into extravagance. Earn as much as you want and can, spend from it what is necessary to live a modest life, and use the rest for your Afterlife.

The solutions for all of your problems lies in memorizing the Qur’an, understanding it, and practicing that which it teaches you.

In everything that you do, the main goal should always be to please Allah. If this is the case; money, health, happiness and so forth will naturally follow.

It’s unbelievable how many Muslims forget they are Muslim as soon as they need a job. They go and work in un-Islamic environments, free mix, sell alcohol, deal in Riba, and so forth …

It’s better to earn a minimum wage but obey Allah then to earn thousands but risk losing your Islam and Afterlife.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Quran recitation with beautiful 10 min. Du’a at the end. This Sheikh has such incredible recitation skills.

Absolutely beautiful and amazing recitation! Must listen!

Surah Rahman being recited with a very unique voice and style.