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15 days left until I will leave for Umrah Insha’Allah. Now that my thesis is finished I have picked up my books again, and wow, just reading the various Qur’anic verses, Ahadeeth, and their explanations regarding Umrah is so beautiful and only intensifies my desire to visit the House of Allah.

I really, really, really can’t want to go!

After more than 1200 hours of work, I am finally finished with my Master’s thesis, Alhamdullilah. Make some Du’a for me Insha’Allah that I will receive an excellent grade.

I advise my brothers and sisters to be careful with regards to these ”institutes of Islamic knowledge” in the West.

I was speaking with a Shaykh a while back, and he told me that he spoke with one of the ”Shaykhs” of a well-known institute here in the West. The Shaykh questioned the ”Shaykh” from the institute a bit, to see whether he was really knowledgeable or not, and it quickly became apparent that this man could not even explain the meaning of the Islamic testimony of Faith (Shahada).

Therefore be careful my brothers and sisters, people are being put forward as ”Scholars”, but in reality they know nothing. A lot of people nowadays are not interested in spreading knowledge, they just put up a show in order to fill their pockets.

Whatever problem you might have, turn to Allah and He will fix it for you.

Except for being forgiven by Allah, there is no escaping that which you have earned through your bad actions.

Often times the best reply is to give no reply at all.

I will be going to perform Umrah next month Insha’Allah. It will be my first time going to Makkah and I will stay for 10 days.

Any advice with regards to what type of clothing and shoes I should bring? How much pocket money for food? Any essential tips?

We might not see it, understand it, or realize it straight away, but indulging into that which Allah has forbidden for us will always become a source of pain, regret, and trouble.

This is a principle every Muslim should know and understand. Whoever gives up something for the pleasure of Allah, then Allah will provide him with something better.

Attach your heart to Allah, and to Allah alone. In that way it will never be broken.

The only Qur’an some Muslims read are stand-alone verses they encounter on the internet every now and then. And that, I think, is very sad.