The story of Bahlul
Bahlul was a man who was on the opposite side we can say of worldly smartness, in other words, he was simple in his comprehension, in his intellect, in his understanding. It was hard for him to understand things.
A Khalifah by the name of Harun Rashid gave bahlul a stick, he said; this stick ya bahlul, belongs to the most foolish man on the face of this world. If you find any person more deserving of this stick than yourself pass it on to him. And bahlul being bahlul took the stick.
Several years later Harun Rashid the khalifah became extremely ill and no medical treatment seemed to work. Bahlul came to visit Harun to inquire about his health. The conversation took as follows.
Harun: No treatment seems to work! I see my journey ahead of me at any second.
Bahlul: Where are you going?
Harun: I am going to the other world.
Bahlul: To the other world? How long are you gonna go for? When will you come back?
Harun: O Bahlul! No one ever comes back from the other world.
Bahlul: Then you have must made special preparations for this great journey. This eternal journey. Have you sent troops, an army to await for your arrival? To prepare for your arrival once you get there?
Harun: No one goes with you Bahlul. And no, I have not made preparations.
Bahlul: Ya amir ul Mu’mineen, you used to send troops to make extensive preparations for a trip that will last one or two days! You would send troops thus they would make the most extensive preparations. And now you are going to a place where you will live forever, you will never come back it is eternal everlasting. And you have not made preparations for it?
HERE'S THE STICK! Now i have found the man who is more deserving of it.
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